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Superior dental care based on experience and innovation.



About us

Dental center Švajhler provides complete dental services using the latest technologies and materials. Our tradition and commitment to quality enable us to provide excellent care for your teeth. In a family atmosphere, with a professional approach, we offer services that cover all your dental needs.



From us

At the Švajhler dental center, each patient is treated with an individual approach that respects personal needs and goals. Our strategy is focused on preserving your natural teeth and promoting oral health through preventive care and education. We work together to achieve your best possible smile.


Our Clinic Mission


Personalized dental service focused on your unique needs.



General dentistry

General dentistry refers to dental services that help maintain oral health. By this we mean cleaning tartar, repairing teeth affected by caries and treating the dental nerve. If you regularly perform some of these services, you will extend the life of your teeth, as well as your smile.


Cleaning tartar


it is part of basic oral hygiene. Tartar is formed by the accumulation of inorganic substances (minerals) in plaque. The appearance of dental plaque causes inflammation, mild or severe toothache and receding of the gingiva, and is aesthetically inappropriate, and it also leads to unpleasant breath. Professional mechanical cleaning of calculus involves the selective removal of dental plaque from all dental surfaces, whereby we attach special importance to those surfaces that the patient usually neglects during cleaning.


Dental caries


Caries is a disease of hard dental tissues, and it manifests itself most often as a black spot that can be seen on the outer surface of the tooth. A very widespread disease of hard dental tissues, it is the most common human disease in general. Treatment of teeth from caries involves the removal of the carious mass, and the defect on the tooth is filled with some of the restorative materials.




is a branch of dentistry that deals with the treatment of diseased pulp. Dental pulp is a soft tissue that contains nerve fibers and blood vessels. It is surrounded by the inner layer of the tooth, the dentin, and the enamel, the surface layer of the tooth, continues on the dentin. The progression of caries through the enamel and dentin leads to inflammation of the pulp, which is called pulpitis. In case of inflamed or dead dental pulp, the tooth can be saved by removing the inflamed or dead soft tissue from the endodontic cavity with special manual or mechanical endodontic instruments. Root canals are cleaned and disinfected as much as possible, then expanded and filled with biologically acceptable material.


By the term dental prosthetics, we mean the application of dental replacements. These include dental crowns, dental bridges, ceramic veneers, and partial and total dentures. Fully ceramic metal-free crowns. With the help of the aforementioned prosthetic works, we solve the problems of extracted, fallen, broken, darkened and otherwise damaged or lost teeth. The goal is to preserve the functionality, aesthetics, speech and health of patients who are missing one or more teeth.


Dental crowns


(dental covers) are a fixed prosthetic replacement that imitates the shape, size and color of a natural tooth. Dental center Švajhler uses two types of materials for making crowns, namely: metal-ceramic (metal as the basis for the crown) and metal-free ceramics (zirconium, as the basis for the crown).


Metal-ceramic crowns


for teeth, they represent a type of prosthetic replacement where ceramic is attached to a metal base (substructure). Due to its reasonable price, as well as excellent properties such as strength and durability and solid aesthetics, today the use of metal-ceramic crowns is still common in prosthetic rehabilitation, especially in the case of back teeth. The metal interior ensures the stability and strength of the teeth, while the ceramic exterior imitates the shape and color of the teeth.


Zircon-ceramic crown


today it is considered the pinnacle of what aesthetic dentistry can offer. All zirconia restorations look completely natural, because zirconia mimics the optical properties of a natural tooth. Zircon ceramic is an alternative to metal substructures used under porcelain in crowns. Zircon is a breathable material that gives a brighter and more natural appearance to the teeth, is completely biocompatible and does not cause allergies.

Oral surgery

Oral surgery is a branch of dental medicine that includes various surgical procedures in the oral cavity. The most common oral surgical procedures are tooth extraction, tooth root resection and implant placement. Oral surgery includes all procedures that require cutting or removing tissue or teeth from the oral cavity.


Tooth removal


is an oral surgical procedure, by which the tooth or its remains are removed from the tooth cup (alveolus). A tooth is extracted when, even after various methods of dental treatment, the tooth is still in a very bad condition or when the tooth is so damaged that it cannot be saved with any other therapy.




It is a surgical procedure in which the tip of the tooth root with the surrounding inflamed tissue (cyst, granuloma) is removed. The procedure is performed in patients who have not been cured of the pathological process by endodontic treatment. Apicotomy is performed under local anesthesia and is painless.


Sinus lift


is an oral-surgical procedure of raising the floor of the sinuses for the purpose of building up the bone needed for the placement of dental implants. A sinus lift is a completely painless procedure performed under local anesthesia, and after 2-3 days you can return to your regular activities.

Dental implants

A dental or dental implant is a titanium screw that is surgically implanted in the jawbone. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, is painless and relatively short-lasting. The implant has the function of the root of the tooth and serves as a support for later prosthetic reconstruction. A dental implant is permanent and the best solution if you are missing teeth. Implants are the most similar to natural teeth and behave like natural teeth. Also, they restore all oral functions, and their installation will restore your smile, self-confidence and improve your quality of life. Implants are the best and most advanced way to replace a lost tooth. At Švajhler Dental Center, we work with the best implants in the world - STRAUMANN! Straumann is the best-selling implant in the USA and belongs to the group of the best implants on the world market. At the moment when cheap implantology systems started appearing in 2004, Straumann already had 20 years of experience documented in clinical studies and presented at international scientific meetings.


All-On-4 Method


is a method by which you will completely replace the teeth in the upper and lower jaw. It was about the method of installing implants where you finally get the concept of all teeth on only 4 implants. In case you are missing more teeth - the 'All-on-4' method is the solution to get your new teeth back and a great smile. For everyone who has lost their natural teeth due to health or other reasons, or whose teeth are in such bad condition that the only option is to extract the remaining teeth - the All-on-4 method is the solution!


Periodontology is a branch of dentistry that deals with the study and treatment of the supporting structures of the teeth (periodontal), i.e. the pulp, bone and fibers that bind the tooth to the bone. Periodontitis is the most common disease of the oral cavity after caries. After the age of 40, more people lose their teeth due to periodontitis than due to caries. Symptoms are: swollen gums, redness, receding gums, loose teeth, bad breath and bad taste in the mouth.